2nd grade

Hallie – I love GMCS, because it is a Christian school and there are great teachers. I love school.

Matthew – I love GMCS, because it has a playground. Owls are very awesome in our classroom.

Lainee – I love GMCS, because we get to learn about the Bible every day.

Carson – I love GMCS, because of Mrs Fischer’s cookies. GMCS has great teachers including Mrs. Bright. GMCS has the best Bible stories.

3rd grade

Payson – I love GMCS, because I love to study about Jesus and what He did for us, including you. I love my friends and, of course, my teachers.

Brooklyn – I love GMCS, because we learn about God. We all have the best teachers and principal. That is why I like GMCS!

Josie – I love recess, math, language, and history. Since Garrett is a Christian school, I can learn a lot about God.

Graydon – I love recess, because I get to play with my friends. I love Garrett, because I learn about God.

5th grade

Lillyann – I like GMCS, because it is a Christian school and you learn about Jesus. The teachers are nice and sweet. I also like GMCS, because no matter what you do you have somebody to stick by your side. If you’re new, in 2 seconds, you can find a good Christian person (even if they’re not in your grade).

Ben – I like GMCS, because all the students and teachers are nice. I like that the history is in a Christian perspective, so you can see how God helped the people better.

Brailyn – I love GMCS for a lot of reasons. I don’t know where to begin. I love GMCS, because it is a Christian school. Not many kids have the privileges we do. I also love our school, because we have good teachers. GMCS doesn’t have big classes. One of my best friends goes here, so I get to see her almost every day. Also, we don’t have as many teachers as public schools, so that is less sets of rules to keep up with. Those are just a few reasons why I love GMCS.

Haleigh – I love GMCS, because I love seeing my friends and spending time with them. What I love most about Garrett is learning about God.

6th grade

Victoria – I love GMCS, because we have wonderful teachers, lunch ladies, janitors, office ladies, and a wonderful principal. We get to learn about God and that means every day we are here we get closer and closer to God.

Oakley – I love GMCS, because you get to learn about Jesus Christ and every else in the Bible. I also love GMCS, because I have all of my friends with me. Also, I love it for teaching me stuff I will need later in life. It is amazing here at GMCS for giving me some amazing years of my life.

Trey – I love GMCS, because the teachers are nice and fun. I like GMCS, because we get to learn about Jesus, we get a lot of homework, and we get a very long recess. It’s a very good school.