• There will be a separate entrance and exit for all to use.  All side entrances will be locked and not used.
  • Temperatures and health screening will be conducted for all who enter the school.
  • All should wash and sanitize hands often.
  • Seating
    • Bleacher seating will be restricted such that every other row is unoccupied.
    • Standing room or other chairs may be brought in as space and capacity allows.
  • Games will be broadcasted on the school’s Facebook page.


  • Fans should stay in their vehicle and not enter the school until the game their child is playing in begins.  
  • 120 spectators will be allowed in the gym at a time.  Fans will be admitted as space is available.
  • Fans should leave gym as soon as their game is over to allow for others to enter.
  • Face coverings will be worn by spectators ages 10 and older while in school or gym.  A spectator may remove face covering while eating and drinking.
  • Fans should sit in family groups and social distance from others.


  • Masks will be worn while in school or gym.
    • Exception #1 – Players do not have to wear a mask while playing.
    • Exception #2 – Players on the bench should wear a mask or social distance.
  • Players should avoid all non-sport-related personal contact at all times.
  • Game balls will be sanitized often during games.
  • Locker rooms
    • There will be locker rooms for GMCS teams only.  Team members will only be in the rooms when a coach accompanies them.  Doors will remain locked at other times.
    • Visiting teams should come prepared to play.  No locker rooms will be made available.


  • Score/time keeper and statisticians
    • There should be no more than 4 people on the stage at a time to run the clock and/or log stats.
    • There should be no more than 3 people in the sound booth at one time.
    • Admission volunteers (3-4) will keep a count all who come through the doors, as well as conduct the health screening, 
  • Concession Stand
    • Only five volunteers may work in the concession stand at a time.
    • Those working in the concession stand must wear a face mask that completely covers their nose and mouth.
    • Gloves should be worn by those preparing and handling food.
    • Single-use items should be available (i.e. pre-packaged condiments; disposable silverware, cups, lids, straws) for patrons.
    • Workers should encourage patrons to social distance while waiting.